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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Downtown Orlando

Mark and I don't get the opportunity to go out that much. We only have so many babysitters and we use them a lot for photo shoots. In an effort not to wear out our sitters(aka grandparents) we simply just don't go out on the weekends. Well a few nights ago we got Uncle Ben to watch our crazy kid and we got a nice night to ourselves. Nothing good was playing at the movie theaters so we decided to head downtown with our cameras and see what happened. 

 The swans in Lake Eola are so crazy awesome! :) I forgot to bring them some snacks but they came up and said hello anyways. There are white swans and black swans and even ones with red on their beaks! They are definitely a really cool addition to our city! I'm hoping one day to get in one of the swan boats they have out there. 

 Downtown Orlando has such beautiful oak trees!

 Downtown from the other side of Lake Eola.

Wildside Barbecue in Thornton Park. Mark and I got married across the street from here at the Veranda B and B and had our rehearsal dinner at Wildside so this is a pretty special area for us!! :) Mark did a 30 second exposure here. I love all the lights on the building and of course the streaks of light made by all the passing cars. After this we headed to the bookstore. Exciting night, I know!! :) Sometimes when you're a parent just a little time away can be the best night ever! And of course it doesn't hurt to get some fun time in with your hubby! <3

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