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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Madison ***Sneak Peek***

LOVE this girl!! 

Many more to come!! :)

<3 Leigh

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sneak Peek: Rachel and Joey

We are still in the process of going through the photos from Rachel and Joey's Wedding from last week but I just love this photo so I HAD to share. :) I'm shooting for next week to have their full blog post up  so hang in there!! Thank you again Rachel and Joey for allowing us to share such a special day with you. You guys are such a passionate couple,  it was inspiring! 

              <3 Leigh

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rachel & Joey's Engagement Book

I could hardly wait to give them their Engagement Guest Book, and now that I have, I couldn't wait to share it with ya!  During the day, I am a graphic designer for the UCF newspaper and publications are my specialty.  We are nice and busy editing Rachel & Joey's wedding photos, but I took a break to share!  ENJOY!

Personal Photo Mondays!: Lollipops and Sunshine

Ok so technically it's Tuesday but I had a busy day yesterday and found myself in bed by 9! I NEVER go to bed at 9! I was wiped out! We had a very busy weekend that started off with a beautiful wedding which I cannot wait to post pics of very soon. :) Saturday and Sunday was full of family and lots of sunshine! Spring is definitely on its way and its gorgeous! I love this weather and am looking forward to everything turning green and colorful again. Winter doesn't really make very pretty pictures here in Florida. Everything just turns brown and there aren't any snowflakes or people with colorful hats and scarves to photograph. We Floridians don't really get into winter style considering it doesn't usually last that long and it seems to be the way we like it! 

 Before Mark was teaching our son to "fly" I just sat out in the sun for a few just watching them play! :) My boys love the outdoors as much as I do. Being outside in the nature is good for your soul. <3

I hope you all take some time out this week to enjoy this beautiful weather and soak up some sun!!

   <3 Leigh

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Leigh and Atticus obviously had a good time during Valentine's Day.  I came home from work with a huge potted geranium and thought that I did pretty good for Leigh, but then I opened the door and I thought I was in the "Tunnel of Love" fair ride. 

Paper hearts with some of our favorite songs/quotes were all over the walls and hanging from the arches separating our living room/dinning room/kitchen.  Leigh and I aren't the "drinking" type these days, no time for it, but Leigh made a delicious Sugar-rimmed Blood Orange Martini.

Every year since we began going out, Leigh and I have stayed in on Valentine's day and we always cook a homemade pizza.  Every year we cook either a Mexican or Mediterranean Pizza.  This year it just happened to be a Mediterranean Year.  A typical start for a pizza followed by peperoncini, olives, tomatoes, pepperoni, salami, and lots of FETA CHEESE!  After some pizza, we couldn't pass up such a perfect Florida February Night so we went out for some coffee and a cookies.  Atticus was elated to drink his orange juice from a big-people straw!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

UCF v Philadelphia Union - 2/13/2011

I am a huge soccer fan, as well as a huge UCF fan so when I was told their was a friendly exhibition match between UCF and an MLS team it wasn't a question that I would be in attendance with my camera ready:

 A brisk 50 degrees in Florida saw the beginning of a friendly between UCF Soccer and the Major League Soccer's Philadelphia Union.  As the sun came up, it seemed as if it loosened the joints and the game got heated.

 It was a close fought match between the teams, both with good shots on goal, solid defense, and equal ball control.

 Set piece after set piece saw the ball knocking at the door as neither team was able to put it into the net in the first half of regulation.

 Without even a hint as to the intentions of one of the Union's midfields, he reared back and struck a knuckle ball goal that was even too quick and masked for my camera to capture.

With the game still 0-1, UCF began to really apply the pressure which included a very physical challenge netting, not a goal, but a straight red card at the midway point of the second half.  This game was no longer a friendly.

Both teams had chances late but in the end it was the Union's goalkeeper that kept the game in his teams favor and ultimately sealed the victory with multiple close range saves!
All in all it was a great game!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beloved: Photos for couples in pre and post-wedding years

                I wanted to share an article with you that I read in Professional Photographer magazine a few months ago that really touched me. You can read the full article HERE or just keep reading to hear what I have to say about it! :) It is about a photographer who left a high end wedding business to begin shooting just couples. Dating couples, engaged couples, couples who have been married for five, twenty-five, and fifty years! He calls his photography "experiential photography." He invites his clients to relax and break down their barriers and to take an hour or two to celebrate and renew their relationship. I will never forget Mark and I's engagement session and how close I felt to him after that! We aren't really strong on the PDA front so the idea of us parading around downtown Orlando sucking face and and getting snuggly in front of tons of strangers seemed mighty intimidating!! Not to mention having our photographer catch all of it on film(eh.... memory card :) It was a bit awkward at first but within just a few short minutes it was magic and SO much fun! Now that we are on the other end of the camera I always come away from an engagement/couples session feeling so good and loving my husband so much more! Love really is contagious! 

Photography by: Root Photography      www.rootweddings.com         <3 Them! :)  

 Photography sessions are also very therapeutic for most people. For however the amount of time it lasts it's all about YOU! Not many people get that type of focused attention regularly. It also helps that I tell you how great you're doing and how beautiful you look throughout the session!!! :) Now who couldn't use some of that!! As a couple these sessions are all about your relationship and the all the amazing things that make you love one another. The photographer in this article says, "These sessions offer a chance for couples to break down those barriers that build up between them over time. I believe if couples regularly celebrated their relationship, we'll see a dent in the divorce rate." I LOVE that and could not agree more. Mark and I have 3 anniversaries and we celebrate them all. May 4th: He held my hand for the very first time in public and confirmed our boyfriend/girlfriend status. November 10th: Our wedding. And November 4th: Our half year anniversary. :) You may think that's a little much but I don't think that you can ever have too much celebration! 

"Single Mind: 
If I love you with all my heart, she said, what will you give me? & then she stopped & said I didn't have to answer that because she was going to do it anyway." -----Brian Andreas

                  I scheduled a couples session for Mark and I with my Best Friend Megan and her hubby of Shimer Photography as a gift for Mark for Valentine's Day. (He already knows, surprise not ruined :) This past year since our son has been born I dont think we have a single photo of just the two of us. Of course I loooooove my son dearly and think his face is just about the most beautiful thing i've ever seen BUT i'm ready to celebrate Mark and I again and I know our relationship and family will be better for it! I would feel honored to photograph your relationship in whatever stage it happens to be in! In a world where divorce and separation are the norm let me help you be the exception! 


Monday, February 7, 2011

Personal Photo Mondays! :)

When you turn your passion into something you begin to do for other people a lot of times you find you stop doing it for yourself! I still take a ton of pictures of my family but I don't always get around to editing them and sharing them anymore. Every Monday i'm going take a little time and share some personal photos. For one it's a good way for you to get to know Mark and I and the other things we love outside of our clients and photography and for two it just makes my heart happy. <3 My passion for photography began a long time ago because I wanted to take pictures of the people I loved. That's still my main motivation today! Now i've just extended those feelings out to you! I want for you also to have pictures of the people you love. :) <3 <3

These pictures above are of our little man. He's 1 and soooo full of life and energy!! Since becoming a stay at home mom a month ago we've spent just about every day outside. I don't mind though because he plays with sticks and dirt and I get to play with my camera. :) 

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Triola Family

We had so much fun with the Triola family last weekend! As you can see they have two little ones who are SOOO full of energy! At almost 2 and 3 these guys kept us on our toes! I can only imagine how exhausted Mom and Dad must be at the end of the day. :) Even though they must have gone home that afternoon absolutely certain we had nothing to show for the day I am happy to share some of our very favorites! We've worked with kids of all different ages and one of the big things we've learned is to let them dictate how your shoot will go. Make em laugh, make em smile, and most of all let em run!! You just gotta make sure you and your camera are following close behind!! :)

This door is one of my very favorites in Winter Park. I <3 doors and am always on the look out for new ones. Not really sure what my obsession is!! :) 

 I brought some bubbles along in hopes of getting some energy out of the kids before we started and maybe even to help get them to smile a bit! It worked out pretty well! 

 I finally got my chance to use the lollipops I adore!! I always wanted these things as a kid and I knew the'd make the kids happy and also make for incredible pictures!! You can't beat those colors!!!

This dog's name is Henry. <3 He's not the Triola's dog but sat outside the candy shop patiently while his owner went inside. I LOVE animals with people names. My dad made fun of me once for naming one of my stuffed bears Carl! :) It just felt right!! 

Thanks Triola family for such a fun morning!! We can't wait to do it again!! 

The Anson Family

 The Anson Family is by far the largest family we've ever photographed! :) I was seriously taking tips from an episode of 19 kids and counting where they photographed the huge Duggar Family! (sidenote: I <3 the Duggars. Mark teases me for it all the time and I don't care!!) Unfortunately Atticus and I came down with the flu the morning we were set to shoot so Mark had to go at it alone. I was really bummed I couldn't be there but as always Mark did a great job! With 7 little ones it was quite the challenge!

The session was done at their house which is in a great location on a lake. It was one of the chillier mornings but everyone toughed it out for the cause! :)

Growing up I aways wanted to be a part of a big family! It was always just my sister and I. Luckily my best friend was one of 5 so I definitely got my fill of siblings! I always envied large families because you always had someone to play/be with. Of course it does have its share of difficulties but I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons! :) Thank You Anson family for spending the morning with us and letting us photograph your beautiful family!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Downtown Orlando

Mark and I don't get the opportunity to go out that much. We only have so many babysitters and we use them a lot for photo shoots. In an effort not to wear out our sitters(aka grandparents) we simply just don't go out on the weekends. Well a few nights ago we got Uncle Ben to watch our crazy kid and we got a nice night to ourselves. Nothing good was playing at the movie theaters so we decided to head downtown with our cameras and see what happened. 

 The swans in Lake Eola are so crazy awesome! :) I forgot to bring them some snacks but they came up and said hello anyways. There are white swans and black swans and even ones with red on their beaks! They are definitely a really cool addition to our city! I'm hoping one day to get in one of the swan boats they have out there. 

 Downtown Orlando has such beautiful oak trees!

 Downtown from the other side of Lake Eola.

Wildside Barbecue in Thornton Park. Mark and I got married across the street from here at the Veranda B and B and had our rehearsal dinner at Wildside so this is a pretty special area for us!! :) Mark did a 30 second exposure here. I love all the lights on the building and of course the streaks of light made by all the passing cars. After this we headed to the bookstore. Exciting night, I know!! :) Sometimes when you're a parent just a little time away can be the best night ever! And of course it doesn't hurt to get some fun time in with your hubby! <3