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Monday, February 7, 2011

Personal Photo Mondays! :)

When you turn your passion into something you begin to do for other people a lot of times you find you stop doing it for yourself! I still take a ton of pictures of my family but I don't always get around to editing them and sharing them anymore. Every Monday i'm going take a little time and share some personal photos. For one it's a good way for you to get to know Mark and I and the other things we love outside of our clients and photography and for two it just makes my heart happy. <3 My passion for photography began a long time ago because I wanted to take pictures of the people I loved. That's still my main motivation today! Now i've just extended those feelings out to you! I want for you also to have pictures of the people you love. :) <3 <3

These pictures above are of our little man. He's 1 and soooo full of life and energy!! Since becoming a stay at home mom a month ago we've spent just about every day outside. I don't mind though because he plays with sticks and dirt and I get to play with my camera. :) 

Happy Monday!

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