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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Triola Family

We had so much fun with the Triola family last weekend! As you can see they have two little ones who are SOOO full of energy! At almost 2 and 3 these guys kept us on our toes! I can only imagine how exhausted Mom and Dad must be at the end of the day. :) Even though they must have gone home that afternoon absolutely certain we had nothing to show for the day I am happy to share some of our very favorites! We've worked with kids of all different ages and one of the big things we've learned is to let them dictate how your shoot will go. Make em laugh, make em smile, and most of all let em run!! You just gotta make sure you and your camera are following close behind!! :)

This door is one of my very favorites in Winter Park. I <3 doors and am always on the look out for new ones. Not really sure what my obsession is!! :) 

 I brought some bubbles along in hopes of getting some energy out of the kids before we started and maybe even to help get them to smile a bit! It worked out pretty well! 

 I finally got my chance to use the lollipops I adore!! I always wanted these things as a kid and I knew the'd make the kids happy and also make for incredible pictures!! You can't beat those colors!!!

This dog's name is Henry. <3 He's not the Triola's dog but sat outside the candy shop patiently while his owner went inside. I LOVE animals with people names. My dad made fun of me once for naming one of my stuffed bears Carl! :) It just felt right!! 

Thanks Triola family for such a fun morning!! We can't wait to do it again!! 

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