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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Of all of the great technology we  can't live without (our cameras/computers) there's one thing we've never lived with....a smart phone.  We have overcome many temptations to upgrade, but for the most part our dumb phones do just fine.  That being said, we only SHARE our mobil photos with a bank of family and friends so here is our way of sharing ThunderCLAP's unseen, on-the-go, taken, sent, and received year 2011 cell phone photos:

 Looking forward to 2012!  --ThunderCLAP! Photography

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Mini Sessions 2011

We did our first Mini-Session!  It went flawlessly and everyone seemed to have a good time.  All of the participants had kids so we set up 5 different stations with plenty of opportunities for some great shots.  We wanted to provide an experience that could never happen by going to a stuffy studio...who needs backdrops when you you have a beautiful backyard to work with (Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Laura).  Here are some of our favorite shots from each of the families:


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Mini-Session, ya'll made it the success that it was!  We hope all of your holiday cards and gifts came out exactly how you wish they would.  We are looking forward to doing more in the future...possibly Spring, we'll keep everyone informed as space will be limited!  --Mark

An entire limb of the family tree...

 We've worked with Matt and Krisha many times before, but on this occasion the offered up a new challenge...five generations!  We jumped at the opportunity to help them document such a lineage.

 If anyone leaves a ThunderCLAP! session unhappy....

 ...then we've not done our job!  We know sometimes it may feel awkward being the center of attention, and looking good while doing it, but we do our best to break your mold and find your character!

 What a good looking bunch!

 Daughter, Daughter and Daughter.  Mom, Mom and Mom. Grandmother, Grandmother and Grandmother.  Great-Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandmother!

 The Driscolls know how to work it by now!

 And we look forward to photographing the Emesticas in the future!

 It's easy to create memories when you are open to them :)


Thanks everyone for an absolutely awesome session filled with laughs, love and plenty of smiles.  Looking forward to working with all of you very soon!  --Mark

Monday, November 14, 2011

Take a peek...

Haven't had the time to share any non-client photos in a while, so enjoy what your favorite photographers have to offer on a personal level!

These were taken same day about 8 hours apart.
Day, across the field from my family home, night, a nearly full moon over Cocoa Beach.

Got some new equipment and was eager to check it out...Otto was gracious enough to sit for a few seconds before he had to sniff it for himself.

Any normal morning.

Leigh practicing her "ring" photos for an upcoming wedding.

He loves Otto, Otto not so much, haha!

Atticus de Orlando

After a photo session in Lake Mary/Winter Springs, we saw a sign to see "The Senator"...intrigued, we checked it out!  Turns out it's the largest Cypress tree in the US!  Leigh's grandmother has a photo of herself at it that we're trying to get our hands on!

Quick Facts: Dedicated in 1929 by Calvin Coolidge, Estimated to be 3500 yrs old, As of 1993: 17.5' Diameter, 425" Circumference, 118' High!!

Every day I'm Shufflin'!
(One of many get-ups that he puts together in order to dance to LMFAO's "Party Rock", his favorite song.  The shoes are the only constant.)

 Toys and fury friends

Monday, November 7, 2011


We were so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph this family and their new little guy! Little Levi was 8 weeks early and spent a good amount of time in the NICU at the very beginning of his life. I can imagine how worried his family must have been about him and how difficult those weeks were waiting for him to come home! Well now he is home and doing great! You would never know this baby was premature! :) We photographed him at 9 weeks old and he is so strong, so wiggly and the doctor's say he's too chunky! :) Can you believe that?!? He is really a little miracle and I am so glad we got to spend some time with him and the rest of his family! I love photographing new babies alone but it's the photos of the family interacting with their new child or sibling that really get my heart! Those early months are such a blur it's really special to have the photos to remember them by! Thank you again Norman family for inviting us in to your home and sharing your adorable little boy with us!

<3 Leigh