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Monday, November 14, 2011

Take a peek...

Haven't had the time to share any non-client photos in a while, so enjoy what your favorite photographers have to offer on a personal level!

These were taken same day about 8 hours apart.
Day, across the field from my family home, night, a nearly full moon over Cocoa Beach.

Got some new equipment and was eager to check it out...Otto was gracious enough to sit for a few seconds before he had to sniff it for himself.

Any normal morning.

Leigh practicing her "ring" photos for an upcoming wedding.

He loves Otto, Otto not so much, haha!

Atticus de Orlando

After a photo session in Lake Mary/Winter Springs, we saw a sign to see "The Senator"...intrigued, we checked it out!  Turns out it's the largest Cypress tree in the US!  Leigh's grandmother has a photo of herself at it that we're trying to get our hands on!

Quick Facts: Dedicated in 1929 by Calvin Coolidge, Estimated to be 3500 yrs old, As of 1993: 17.5' Diameter, 425" Circumference, 118' High!!

Every day I'm Shufflin'!
(One of many get-ups that he puts together in order to dance to LMFAO's "Party Rock", his favorite song.  The shoes are the only constant.)

 Toys and fury friends

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