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Monday, October 31, 2011

It scare me

To say anything was scary this year would be a stretch, although 5 kids under 5 would scare most!  Besides the looming crecent moon and our rambunctious bunch all was quiet calm and under-spooky. 

Here are some of photos of our treating adventure:
The trick-or-treat crew!  It's rare to have a princess, a superman, a pirate, a self-proclaimed superhero, and a baseball slugger in your company so we took full advantage of parading around town demanding sugary treats for such a rare sight.  Sorry dentists, these teeth come out anyways!

The best decorations we saw...and the best-est of friends!


Just enough candy that they wont know when mom and dad take a few of their favorites!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bakers on Parade

We have previously done a few photo sessions for another "Baker Family", and now it was time to get big bro in on the action.  When he contacted us we sent out our usual information package in which it explains that we enjoy (especially with children) props or things that have a special meaning that might add a touch of reality to a photograph.  He had a great idea, his hobby was to skateboard!

We were just barely ready to start the session when he jumps up on the ramp, throws his helmet on his beautiful daughter's head, and poses as if they were about to drop in the half pipe.  It all came together so well.  This is what we mean by props and interactivity...a moment that will last forever!
(**PLUS** it proves that dad was cool at one point in his life)

 Capturing the whole family in an otherwise non-traditional place is a great way to stand out and tell a story without words!

7 months old and already accustomed to deck tape!

And of course we are there we do plenty of "traditional" portraits...and how could you not with a cutie like this?

 It's easy to catch a beautiful moment with a family with so much love for one another!

I love the Yin and Yang of the warm, soft and beautiful little person against the cold rusted metal and rock bed

Leigh snuck the baby away and I gave Jonathan and Christina their time to shine in front of the lens!

 They worked it!!

Beautiful Momma and Daughter

After it was all said and done, we headed back to the skate park to tag it with some good 'ol sidewalk chalk to remind everyone that not all family photos have to be set with a perfect background or in a studio, but should tell the story of you and your family!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Krisingha's adventure in the woods

I played soccer a long time ago with Chris at Titusville Soccer Club and then against him as he went to Titusville High School and I Astronaut High.  Who ever would have thought that I would be photographing his family years later!  We met the Krisinghas in a patch of some of our favorite woods where at the right time of day the sun peeps through the trees and gives us that perfect ethereal glow.

Owen is a little ham, I mean look at those eyebrows and dimples, he was diggin' the attention!

Ryan also seemed to have a great time!  For an obviously energetic four year old, he was ready to cheese it up for the camera and shined magnificently.

Although we like to start our sessions with simple "ice-breaker" posed photos....

...we quickly move onto suggestions like this...

 ...and eventually end up here!  If you don't have fun at one of our family sessions we have failed.  The fun keeps the kids going and keeps everyone's spirits fresh and light!

Forget fake backdrops at common photo studios....we leave it up to mother nature...and can you ask for anything more than this?

Chris and Mandy were workin' it as well.  Leigh and I believe that married couples should get photos taken of just themselves more often.  Too many times the last "good" photos of a married couple are of their wedding.

Thank you Krisinghas for the opportunity to photograph your great family!  We look forward to seeing you in front of our camera as your boys grow!!     -Mark Thor

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink boots

This little girl is very special to us and we are very fortunate to have captured all of her big milestones with our cameras! She is an incredible little girl! So smart, so beautiful, and so full of personality! She and our little guy are 2nd cousins and best buddies! The only thing more fun than one 2 year old is two and these guys ALWAYS give us a big laugh when they are together! Happy Birthday sweet girl!! You are loved more than you know!! We have been so blessed to have you in our lives!! <3