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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jenny's Portraits

I took these photos a few months ago and just not now got the chance to finish them up! Thank you for being so patient with me Jenny!! :) Jenny was a co-worker of mine before I left my regular 9-5 to be Super Mom!!  Mark and I had gotten a new camera and I was anxious to get some shots in. Jenny was so kind to model for me on our lunch break one afternoon.

 I finally decided to try out adding some textures to my photos. There are a few photographers I admire who use them in their work and I couldn't wait to give it a go myself!
 I was really pleasantly surprised with the area we had to shoot in! The above picture was taken on the backside of our building just to the right of the train tracks. it looks like we're out in some amazing field somewhere, right?!?

Thanks for working it for me Jenny!! I know you thought you didn't know what you were doing but you totally rocked it! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Portraits for a Poet

This is my brother Micah.  He's my second brother, third sibling, and like myself, he's an artist.  We both have crazy thoughts and ideas--he uses a journal, I use a sketchpad.  I have included some of this poetry below.  Enjoy his art and our photos!

Currently Micah is in the US Airforce stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana.

I heard Boredom writes too
Long lazy days
sitting, hiding
in my room
collecting thoughts
and pasting mental collages

achieving nothing
dead battery cell phone paper weight
fighting sleep
and welcoming solitude

Untitled 2
is the hardest puzzle
is the toughest maze
Because the walls
of deception
are all invisible
and the fire
we walk through
doesn't sting
all too much

But months and years
of getting burnt
and tasting dirt
can lead your path
to dead ends
to unquestioned answers
but do not stop
because the
walls of your maze
will soon be visible
and you will be large
and you will
them down

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Calhoun Family

We met the Calhoun's on their families' farm just weeks before Christmas and the weather, although overcast, was perfect!  You never know with a family photo session how the kids are going to react to two people with cameras popping away, but they were great!

The mix of solids and patterns was perfect!  Great job guys and gals!

The reason that Leigh an I love photographing in nature is it's more...errrr...natural.  Studios have their pros -- mainly you can control the lighting -- but being outside brings out your true character and feels more like a picnic than a photo session.

It's awesome to photograph an awesome family!

Thank you for such a wonderful session, we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rachel & Joey's Engagement Session

We had such an incredible time photographing Rachel and Joey's engagement session! We started off with a very wet and rainy day and didn't even know if we were going to be able to shoot! BUT..... the clouds parted and everything worked out perfectly! Red brick looks so gorgeous wet so I was actually thankful for the rain! Rachel and Joey met while attending college at Stetson so they wanted to shoot around campus at some spots that really held special memories for them. I had never been to Stetson before but from what I could tell from a few pictures online it was going to be beautifull! Well it TOTALLY exceeded my expectations and Mark and I were just drooling as we looked around at all of the beautiful brick buildings and amazing columns and trees! We only got to photograph a very small amount of campus and we are both DYING to get back there and shoot another session! Any takers? :)

I <3 Engagement sessions! So much love!

Music is what brought these two together and im sure it is what will keep them together! It was incredibly sweet to see them playing the piano. :)

I LOVE Rachel's shoes! It's her something blue. :)

Thank you guys for such a great session! You both totally rocked it! We couldn't have asked for a better couple! We're looking forward to seeing you guys next month for your fabulous wedding!

To view entire session go here!