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Friday, January 28, 2011

Jenny's Portraits

I took these photos a few months ago and just not now got the chance to finish them up! Thank you for being so patient with me Jenny!! :) Jenny was a co-worker of mine before I left my regular 9-5 to be Super Mom!!  Mark and I had gotten a new camera and I was anxious to get some shots in. Jenny was so kind to model for me on our lunch break one afternoon.

 I finally decided to try out adding some textures to my photos. There are a few photographers I admire who use them in their work and I couldn't wait to give it a go myself!
 I was really pleasantly surprised with the area we had to shoot in! The above picture was taken on the backside of our building just to the right of the train tracks. it looks like we're out in some amazing field somewhere, right?!?

Thanks for working it for me Jenny!! I know you thought you didn't know what you were doing but you totally rocked it! :)

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