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Monday, January 10, 2011

Portraits for a Poet

This is my brother Micah.  He's my second brother, third sibling, and like myself, he's an artist.  We both have crazy thoughts and ideas--he uses a journal, I use a sketchpad.  I have included some of this poetry below.  Enjoy his art and our photos!

Currently Micah is in the US Airforce stationed in Shreveport, Louisiana.

I heard Boredom writes too
Long lazy days
sitting, hiding
in my room
collecting thoughts
and pasting mental collages

achieving nothing
dead battery cell phone paper weight
fighting sleep
and welcoming solitude

Untitled 2
is the hardest puzzle
is the toughest maze
Because the walls
of deception
are all invisible
and the fire
we walk through
doesn't sting
all too much

But months and years
of getting burnt
and tasting dirt
can lead your path
to dead ends
to unquestioned answers
but do not stop
because the
walls of your maze
will soon be visible
and you will be large
and you will
them down

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