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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personal Photo Mondays!: Lollipops and Sunshine

Ok so technically it's Tuesday but I had a busy day yesterday and found myself in bed by 9! I NEVER go to bed at 9! I was wiped out! We had a very busy weekend that started off with a beautiful wedding which I cannot wait to post pics of very soon. :) Saturday and Sunday was full of family and lots of sunshine! Spring is definitely on its way and its gorgeous! I love this weather and am looking forward to everything turning green and colorful again. Winter doesn't really make very pretty pictures here in Florida. Everything just turns brown and there aren't any snowflakes or people with colorful hats and scarves to photograph. We Floridians don't really get into winter style considering it doesn't usually last that long and it seems to be the way we like it! 

 Before Mark was teaching our son to "fly" I just sat out in the sun for a few just watching them play! :) My boys love the outdoors as much as I do. Being outside in the nature is good for your soul. <3

I hope you all take some time out this week to enjoy this beautiful weather and soak up some sun!!

   <3 Leigh

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