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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I photographed another pro soccer game, but....

...I want to share some recent personal images!

You can get LOST in Camden's eyes, they're like a star formation that has been photographed by the Hubble!

THIS is why I love Florida!  Can you get a more perfect day, even the cows are lovin' it!

Atticus - (noun) - outdoor enthusiast; see also Wild Child 

When was the last time you played with toys from your youth?  On a recent trip to my partents my brother and I broke out our LEGOs.  We had a blast as we took a trip down "rainy day memory lane."  I spent 2 hours making this vehicle, I'd say it is ready for anything, wouldn't you?!

Our next post will be the Orlando City v Newcastle United Soccer game, followed by a 1-Year Old session and a Family Session!  August is starting off with a bang!

markTHOR! - ThunderCLAP! Photography

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