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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime, and the livin's easy...

 Summertime in our household is always busy!  Leigh's b-day is the end of June, America's is begining of July, and Mine (Mark) is the middle of July...which usually yeilds all kinds of craziness and usually keeps us too busy to book photoshoots for clients, so here are some photos to wet your whistle!  I will be Photographing the Orlando City Soccer games versus Bolton Wanderers and Newcastle United this coming week and can't believe that I will be on the sideline with a Telephoto lens!

Jen surprised Leigh with this great Rainbow cake, Leigh loves color!

So i got her new nail polish....she needed it!  :)

Ahhh yes, finger paints....i can remember the smell and taste like it was just yesterday!

WHAT A GREAT PAINTING BY ATTICUS!  The application of paint by both digit and stamping of the top of the jar provides tension between geometry and nature.

We recently gave Atticus our HUGE office and moved into his humble room.  He can have all of his toys, his crib, his dresser with fish tank, a bookcase filled with books, a play tent, and two toy chests and still have room to run and jump around.

Looking for the horses, they must have been at a show.  This kid is so hip, check them kicks!

We've never had a problem with him eating his vegetables....in fact for this lunch he STOLE my tomato soup.

This year I knew the 4th of July would be dicey....would he like/dislike the loud bangs, would he put up with it, we just didn't know....but we did know one thing for sure..... 

 ....bring lots of clothes!  He went through 4 changes of clothes in a 4 hour span!  If that's not the tell tale signs of a good time I don't know what is!  Whether it was watermelon, cupcakes, sweat, dirt, or all of the above he found it and owned it.  We went to a great 4th of July block party hosted by the Wrights.  They invited all of the neighbors and everyone brought food and outdoor gaming supplies.  We played basketball, corn-hole, horseshoes, volleyball, and blew stuff up!

The real fun began as the sun began to set.  We celebrated our country's freedom the correct way!

July 8th was sadly the last Space Shuttle launch and unfortunately I couldn't get the day off.  My mom wanted to make sure that Atticus at least saw it live on tv....problem was, as you can see on the left, him and Hensley had just finished painting and were in the tub....well, you see what happened on the Right.  A proper farewell if I don't say so myself!

Good summer fun, the pool!

And last but not least, my birthday!  Leigh took us out for delicious tacos and gelatos!

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