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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wilkerson Family: Baby makes 3, kids that is!

After welcoming their 3rd baby into the family just 6 weeks ago, the Wilkerson's invited us out to take some photos of the kiddos all together!! Well the new big sister wanted nothing to do with her older brother but was absolutely in love with her NEW baby brother!!! :) A lot of times to entice unwilling children to let us grab some photos of them we throw out a little bribe. At first we couldn't figure out what would work with her but when we mentioned getting to hold the new baby and her eyes lit up I knew this was it!! She is going to be such a good big sister! :) 

 She is so psyched to be holding that baby!! :) 

 The freckles on this guy are AMAZING! :) He is the sweetest and cutest little guy i've had the pleasure of spending time with in a while! Don't you just love his little faux hawk?? :) 

 Even when this little guy started to wail she didn't flinch! She was holding him and loving every second of it! :) 

 Mom didn't want to be photographed but I did not want to pass up this opportunity and I hope she agrees that these pictures are so sweet. 

 Cheese face! Every kid has one :) 

Wilkerson Family you guys were awesome! Thank you so much for having us out to spend time with you and to meet your new addition. You have a beautiful family that we hope to be seeing more of in the future!!

<3 Leigh

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