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Thursday, July 21, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! Our photos have been published.....

...well, it's a community newspaper, but it's a start!  I've always wanted to get into Sports photography, and playing soccer my entire childhood and through highschool was certainly a great first assignment!

Lined up for national anthems before kickoff.  Bolton Wanderers of the English Premier League came to the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando to face the Orlando City Lions in a summer exhibition.

Kevin Davies of BW and Matt Luzunaris of OC, two eventual goal scorers, warm up before the match

Great shots came from both sides, and in the 18th minute Davies put one home off his head (seen in bottom photo above)

It was great to be down on the field with the guys you see playing every weekend in the EPL, on the left is Zat Knight, the tallest player in the league measuring roughly 6' 6"

Some more great action, the bottom photo showing the scramble to remove the ball from the box after a corner kick which in the end was futile as it ended in the back of the net for Bolton's 2nd goal. 

It's called the beautiful game for many reasons, the strategy, the sportsmanship, and the whole ambiance surrounding the pitch!

 Boden concentrates all the way from ball to boot.  Chung-Yong Lee (right), a South Korean, had a great following in the crowd.

 Wanderers' Petrov, shown left, would score the 3rd and final goal for Bolton.

Matt Luzunaris, the sole Orlando City goal scorer is on loan from San Jose Earthquakes (MLS) and attended one year at the University of Central Florida (my alma mater) before beginning his pro career playing for multiple European clubs.

Stuart Holden (Right) plays for Bolton but also the U.S. Men's National Team!  He is currently nursing a leg injury and did not play in the recent Gold Cup nor this night.  He was a really good guy and came out after the game was over for photos and autographs.

A great showing by the support groups of the RUCKUS (left) and the IRON LION FIRM (right).   Drums, smoke machines, flying streamers, and plenty of verbal abuse poured out onto the pitch from both groups!

It was definitely a once in a lifetime chance to be down on the pitch! 
I will be back taking photos when the Orlando City Lions take on Newcastle United this Saturday, see y'all at the game, I will have more photos of that game to come!

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