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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toon Army goes down in "Toon Town"

I couldn't wait for this game to start!  As I was down on the plastic pitch my Wife, my Brother, his Girlfriend, my Bro-In-Law, my Mom, and my Dad were all at Will Call getting ready to bring my son into the Football world for the first time!

I was again on assignment to get photos of local stars Dennis Chin (Oviedo) and Matt Luzanaris ( played 1 year at UCF and is from Florida himself).  With 25 mins to game time, Newcastle beings warming up on the turf of which they refused to play on at first.

Gutierrez, Ameobi, and Alan Smith among others getting ready.

The fans were ready to go!  Welcome to America Newcastle, we're not pushovers here anymore!

Gotta give a shout out to Los Guerrilloz & O-Town Hooligans, I missed you guys last game so I made sure to get ya this time!

Great turnouts by both sides.  Plenty of support from the Toon Army as well as the multiple Orlando City supporters groups!  A new attendance record of  10,889, it was a great atmosphere in an otherwise huge staduim!

Coaches take the pitch.....it's game time!

The game began with good action from both sides, and each got good chances on goal.

Luzunaris of OC getting up!

A great shot by Max and an equally talented save by the goalkeeper!

Dennis Chin taking control of the ball and backing down Jose Enrique

Post goal celebration!  Lots of love for both the assist and the goal, Chin couldn't have made it easier!  Dennis got a good run on a ball and put himself in position for a simple pass across the mouth of the goal and an easy shot by Molino.

Late substitution by Newcastle brings in ex-West Ham striker and new addition to Newcastle, Demba Ba.

My Son up in the stands seeing his first live football match! 
I made him a Newcastle shirt because I was wearing my Orlando City Shirt....by really im a Fulhamerican (Fulham FC supporter in America).  My beautiful wife Leigh on the Left and my Mum on the Right.

My Bro and his girlfriend Kimberly, and my son and I on the pitch after the game!

I already have him passing a soccer ball back and forth with me, it's only a matter of time before this footballer is either leading the defense as a goalscoring-sweeper like his old man, controlling the midfield like his uncles, or putting them into the back of the net as a striker!

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