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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The dog days of summer....

According to Wikipedia, "Dog Days" are the hottest, most sultry days of summer.  In the northern hemisphere, they usually fall between early July and early September.  The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in close proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather.  Pushing 90+ Fahrenheit each day puts us in dog kennel of summer!

Two BEAUTIFUL flowers!

Ahhhhh.....the pool!  Atticus has become a regular fish lately!  He has learned to dunk his head underwater, hold his breathe, and retrieve a dive stick.

Leigh was in love with the colors the sky was producing on the trip back home from swimming.

An old shed across the street from my parents house.  Growing up we couldn't see it from across the road as the entire lot was filled with orange trees.

The stages of a Fritillary Butterfly.  Each year they come and feast on our Passion Vine plant.  It's worth the destruction of a few leaves to see this miracle take place each year!

(Left) My little brother Monty always wore a cape as he ran around the house and played, so Leigh felt it was time to make one for Atticus!  I drew a logo and she went through her material remnants and put this together...SUPER ATTICUS TO THE RESCUE!  (Right) Just a normal night after dinner.  Atticus ate every bite of his mom's delicious home made Chicken-Pot-Pie!


....for a couple of seconds anyway!!!!!


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