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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Life....goes on.....

I did this Still Life photo to commemorate my Grandma Gower and her passing a year ago.  It made me so happy to walk around the house and collect the dusty knickknacks and other pieces that I have collected from her throughout my life.  It was a no-brainer to me to express my memoriam photographically, and I wanted to share it with everyone!

Many of the items are simple:  She, or rather others, collected roosters for her, she was from Maine before living in Florida, she loved to garden, and the "Damn I'm Good" coffee mug always hung in her house and when I read it now I can hear her singing the Maxwell House jingle while she made her and my grandfather's morning coffee.  The piece of coal seems a little out of place I know, but it's perfectly rectified.  She brought it home to me when I was young and it came from one of the many Coal Mines in Maine.  The "Old Toenails" jar was something I picked up while going on one of many garage sales with her.  Last but not least, the Smucker's Jar.  She had a special nickname for me, one that I will never forget and can hear her say it as I type it...ready???...Smicky-Smuckers!  Where did it come from, I don't know, but it's mine and nobody else's!

They say a photo's worth a million words, this one's worth a lifetime!  Thanks Grandma!
--MARK "Smicky-Smuckers"

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