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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Personal Photo Tuesday: 2 Weeks in Review

Well I knew I had to get back to posting some personal photos but I kept missing Monday! I couldn't choose just one since it has been a few weeks so I thought i'd go ahead and do a recap of the past two weeks or so!!

It rained a lot a few weeks ago which kept little A and I inside most of the day. He loves looking out the window at the rain and we spent a lot of hours each day doing just that.

After the rain cleared we jumped in the car and headed to Green Meadows Petting Farm! If you haven't been here you need to go! I went when I was little and couldn't wait to take our son. :) Is that not the funniest picture of an ostrich???? Makes me smile every time!

Atticus got some new kicks from Mark's cousin! I experimented with a little flower photography and designed a new cd holder for our image discs! Expect to see one of these with your next session! :)

 Atticus and I hit up the park with Uncle Ken and Isaac! The swings are always a good time. :) 

We remembered Mark's Grandmother with "Cheese Surprises" and Creme Horns, some of her favorite things! We also decorated her spot with flowers. The cemetery was incredibly beautiful that day!

 We also celebrated  Mark's Mother's Birthday with lots of outdoor time, kabobs, and banana splits! The boys put on their birthday suits too in honor of the occasion! :) Nakey time! I was jealous! ;) And TODAY Atticus discovered markers for the first time! Praise God for washable!! :) 

Happy Tuesday!! xoxo

                             <3 Leigh

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