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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Newborn: Baby Logan

I had the privilege of photographing the most beautiful baby last weekend! He was so sweet and of course smelled so good like only a newborn can! :) He was just 9 days old and slept like an angel for me most of the time. I love photographing babies and especially newborns because like puppies they are so amazing to have for a couple hours but it's great to be able to give them back. LoL! We're not quite ready for #2 yet so this helps me get my baby fix for a while! :) 

This little guy LOVED to be cuddled and held just like this with his momma! I was afraid at first he wasn't gonna give up the body contact so we could get some pictures but he ended up being perfect! 

His daddy is a firefighter as you can see from his shirt and the series of pictures I got with them together are some of my very favorite.  It makes most women melt I think to see a man with his child. David looked so natural with his little guy! :) 

Thank you Sarah and David for inviting me into your home and sharing your amazing little baby with me! 

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