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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Madison

I've known Madison for a couple years now. Her Mom and I became friends when we worked together a few years back. We parted ways a little over a year ago and I was so excited to see them again when we got together for Madison's session! Madison is the cutest, smartest, spunkiest little girl I know! :) Her little voice makes me melt when she says, "Excuse me, Mrs. Leigh?" I never know what's going to come after that because she always has the funniest things to say and ask!! I hope I have a daughter one day just like her!! :)

We went and tromped around in the "wheat" as she called it for a bit and just enjoyed the beautiful light! That brown hat is a favorite of mine. I still haven't worked up the courage to wear it out in public yet but I did see one just like it in red on an episode of Glee a few weeks ago, so that was encouraging!! Hats are SO back people! :)

I wish I was a little girl again so I can wear bright colored tights and a purple flower in my hair!!! So much more stylish than the tie-dye shirts and scrunchies I rocked..........Not to mention bike shorts......yeesh!

Madison you are a doll! Thank you for such a fun session! You are a natural and such a beautiful girl inside and out!! xoxox

<3  Leigh

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  1. These are great :) Can't wait for our next session!!
    <3 Dawn