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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Leave us a comment telling us why you and your spouse deserve a couples session!! Well choose a winner from all of the entries and announce it here on the blog Valentines Day! Everyone who enters will receive a coupon for $25 off a couples session booked in 2012!


  1. We would love to win a photo session! In 7 years of being together the only photographs we have together are our wedding and trash the dress session. I love your style of photography and think it would look fabulous on our wall!

  2. We want to have pictures done by THUNDERRCLAP PHOTOGRAPHY for our first anniversary! I have always heard such great compliments from family and friends about our engagement/wedding pictures and would love to keep the tradition going. :)

  3. Why do we deserve a couples session? Well, while most people have awesome pictures from their wedding we definitely do not. We didn't get a professional photographer to save money. The end result was that we only have TWO (only two!) pictures of the two of us together. One is of me looking up at Dan and my neck looks so long I look like a giraffe, and the other is of us walking out of the church and while it's cute, it's just not the same. I cried when the wedding was over and I realized we didn't really get pics with the two of us. I still get a knot in my stomach just to think of it. Whenever I hear of a couple getting married the first thing we tell them is hire a photographer or you'll regret it!

    So when I got pregnant I vowed to make up for it by getting some awesome maternity shots of the two of us. The only thing better than wedding shots are those awesome ones with a big belly and your husband kissing it or something like that. Well, I ended up on bed rest and with our primary concern being the baby's health and safety we decided not to do them. Pregnancy round two was even worse with more complications so needless to say we never got those done either. That gives me a pang too. Why didn't we do them?! ugh. Because when you're lying there debating the possible risk to your baby and a couple cute pics, well the baby wins.

    Anyway, now we're 4 years into our marriage and I've never put up wedding pics on our walls because I don't like them. We DO have one pic up of Dan and me and that's the one you guys took when Brighton was 9 months old and you, Leigh were 9 months pregnant! Now, Dan has lost 85 pounds and is continuing to shed the last 20 or so. I would just LOVE to get to make up for all our lost photo time and get some awesome photographs of the two of us.

  4. Gary and I would love to win this couples session because........... Not only did we absolutely love the engagement pictures you did for us we would love to do more :) on our wedding day it got dark way to fast and Gary and I don't have that many pictures of just us together with my wedding dress on. I would love to put my dress back on and get the pictures I wanted with just us. Also our anniversary is coming up on Feb 28th of when we first started dating. That would be the most perfect way of celebrating it :) We would love to win this contest so that we can get the pictures that we dreamed of having before we get my dress put away in display forever!

  5. Dear Thunderclap! photography,
    I would like to tell you why we need the photos in the form of a poem to be said in the key of G.

    Ever since the day I turned five,
    Nay, from the very moment I became alive,
    To be shot by Thunderclap has been my dream.
    Then came along this contest, which gave me a gleam.
    A gleam of hope I knew not was there,
    Until you arrived and chose to care.
    Though we had pictures taken on the day that we wed,
    Where the bleep they could be has yet to be said.
    We try to take our own pictures and as you very well know,
    They end up as thumbnails with no place to go.
    We don't want your pity. We don't want your tears,
    We just want your expert photos, and have for many many years.
    Goooooooooooooo Thunderclap! Hurray! (Tommy added that last part)

    -The Dunns

  6. We would love to have our photos taken by Thunderclap! photography. In our 3 1/2 year marriage, my husband and I have never gotten couple photos! It's always been about our kids. Now the hubby, who's in the Navy (OORAH) is being deployed and I'd love to have our photos taken with him in his uniform! Who doesn't love a man in uniform? :)

    -The Frisbee's :)

  7. Though we braved through the wind, chilly weather, and "snot-sickles" we had a wonderful time having family pictures taken at Fort Christmas! We realized through taking family pictures that we have not taken the time to have our photos done since our wedding 4 years ago - & I'd think it's pretty safe to say the both of us have changed since then :)
    Mark & Leigh you do amazing work & Jason & I would love for you to see how we've changed :)
    Thanks so much!
    Jason & Lindsey Pogar