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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making good 9/11 Memories

9/11 with a two year old makes it difficult to have all of the memorial programs on TV.  He is very observant and can tell when someone is in pain just by facial expression and tone.  That being said, I still wanted to do something to observe and possibly make new and happy memories of this day....so i broke out some red, white and blue paints.  I originally started with one sheet but he quickly reminded me that art isn't a "thing" it's the conceptualization, the act, the self-criticism, and the final decision that your finished.   Sure to most, art is something you hang on your wall, but to an artist it's what you do not what you get.  So back to the story, after 4 sheets of splatter, hand/finger prints, and brushwork he was done.  But I wasn't.

As I began to coneptualize my thoughts about the piece, I layed out the 4 sheets of his wonderful work and thought of how i was going to honor all those involved with the cowardly attack.  I thought about doing an abstract portrait of the buildings, maybe a I <3 NY poster, FDNY, NYPD....they all drove across my mind.  And then I realized what I had to do.  I needed to stay true to my original thought of making a positive image of strength and perseverance.  So after he added a little blue wax to one of the pages, I got my spray paint and headed outside.  He had to watch from inside, I had way too many fumes flying.

 After just a few minutes to dry it was onto phase 2, pen.  I posted up on the couch along with my coloring buddy and we went to town.  Thoughts of how it must of been going through what so many people did and are still going through today quickly changed to happy thoughts of a unwavering, still free America where my son and I can wake up and create un-oppressed art for the sake of creation.  My thought gradually drew away from tragedy and towards hope and happiness that my son will enjoy the same freedoms that I have and have the some happy memories of, to him, a regular Sunday morning.

And here's the final piece.  My concept: America will rise to any cause for the betterment of not just it's citizens but all mankind.  We have problems sure, but I'll take the ones we have over so many of the ones our brothers and sisters overseas experience as just their normal way of life.  The eagle is a strong and opportunistic and I was happy that I got the opportunity to share what I love with my son!

In memorium of all those effected by 9/11


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