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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely Nouns

When taking photos, I always look for the beauty in something.  Whether its an obvious flower or a busted up and forgotten shed in the middle of an open field, my shutter is always looking for the positives and not the negatives.

The world around us is so creative.  The colors and patterns are too many to number.  As humans, we've found our identity in clothing and make-up.  Imagine how similar we would look to one another if we ran around naked!

Sometimes it's the act that is more beautiful than the image.  On the left are state magnets (all fifty) that used to be on my grandmother's refrigerator.  Atticus has recently discovered them on our fridge and has been pulling them off an playing with them just as I did when I was little.  Coincidently, or maybe not, her orchids bloomed this week. They remind me of her whenever I look outside at them.

What's prettier than a margarita with organic Passion Vine friut preserves from Hawaii? (Thanks Laine!)

Food is almost always georgous, especially when it's homemade banana pancakes or pizza

Ok, so not so beautiful, but I liked this photo so deal with it!

 We began as "photographers" when this dude was born.  We bought a decent camera and it was all uphill from their.  Whenever we do sessions with clients it's for three reasons" 1) The love of photography, 2) The ability to make lasting images that our clients will treasure forever, and 3) To continue to upgrade our equipment so we can photograph our own family.  In the last two years we've filled a 500GB hardrive just with photos of our own family.

Leigh recently had the opportunity to photograph a Very Special person in her life...her Granny.  The two photos in the background are of her from earlier decades and although the red hair is gone, the smile and love are ever-present.

While Leigh took her Granny's photos she also snapped a few of her Mom.  I'd say Leigh has a lot to look forward to!

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